Fermented​.​.​.​Earth / A Cat's Tiger

by Mike Bullock

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Originally released as Shadowselves02: Edition of 15 porcelain tiles with 19' 13" of music on CD-R. Remastered for this Bandcamp release.

A new electroacoustic work made with bass, voice, drawing on paper with pens and pencils, and synthesizer, that comes across more like a tightly dialed-in improvising quartet.

"Fermented...Earth / A Cat's Tiger" is derived in part from materials I contributed to The People to Come, a multimedia performance piece by a canary torsi. The title is derived from a poem by Yan Jun, as translated by Ben Houge.

The unique porcelain tiles are handmade and were finished with a combination of painting, glaze pencil, and decal collage at Aubry Arts Studio by MB.

Electroacoustic Musicconcretequartetsynthcontrabassvoicedrawing
shadowselves02: Mike Bullock - Fermented...Earth / A Cat's Tiger by Mike Bullock is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence.


released June 29, 2015